February 10, 2014

Element phosphorus is necessary to extract the energy from carbohydrate

I always suffered from follow diets of stress, fatigue and pain, without achieve the desired goal, due to the fact that the human body's need for a permanent to nutrients not only to strengthen the body, but because the human body sometimes does not benefit from some of the elements, but in the presence of elements other.http://www.skincaremoz.com/

A consultant pediatric intensive care and neonatal diseases of growth and Director of the Centers Nelson specialized medical, some nutrients are not released, but in the presence of other elements, the human body just cannot release energy from fat, protein, carbohydrates, and the exploitation of that energy in the development of muscle and strength building bones and teeth, but in the presence of phosphorus. Skin Care Program He added that this element is essential for cell membranes and activation of enzymes and genetic material within the body, and the body's need for this element about 1 g per day, and phosphorus exists in abundance in fish and shrimp. Further pointed out that the body needs iron strongly, where he holder of oxygen and essential in the composition of hemoglobin and blood-forming component and muscles, as well as an essential element in the formation of red blood cells, the body needs about 18 mg per day.He added that an important element of iron, which helps the body to absorb zinc, which enters the latter in the formation of blood, plus it contributes to the overall growth, and renew all tissues of the body and enzymes, and helps speed healing of wounds.

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Food is indispensable to you

Ignore some of the teenage girls in the midst of daily private matters and concerns about the importance of getting the proper diets that contain all the materials needed to enjoy a healthy high. It is not easy to get teens to all the necessary nutrients in junk food you eat on the way to the club or between classes or while chatting on the web pages communicative, and that experience limited food sound and useful also have impact on direct them to the proper food and health . http://www.skincaremoz.com/eczema-free-forever-review/

Vitamins available in fruits and vegetables, and protein available in the dairy and meat and poultry, eggs, and carbohydrates and minerals available in many of the foods that we are keen to be addressed daily, not only are all the body needs to ensure the enjoyment of the energy required to carry out the functions of daily basic, but there are many food Duty obtained and which ignores the many value and importance, and among those materials electrolyte material. What is an electrolyte? The definition of the electrolyte material, it is a natural substance helps in the transmission of electricity, and are abundantly found in acidic solutions or alkaline or saline. It is rich in natural materials potassium, magnesium, carbonate, chloride and phosphate. Combination skin tips May come to mind is an important question, which is the benefit of electrolytes to the body? Answer with the utmost simplicity is the shortcut and compensate for the lost body of natural materials mentioned above when doing hard, especially in hot weather. Mm electrolyte composed? Usually consists of the elements of the electrolyte, or ions, free, where the sodium and potassium ions to maintain the voltage difference on both sides of the walls of the nerve cells and muscle, and calcium ions to a role in skeletal muscle contractility and cardiac muscle.Cause an imbalance of electrolytes in the body to complications affecting the heart and the electrical transmission of nerve signals. What are the benefits electrolytes? The benefits of the electrolyte also organize the work of muscles and nerves, and the regulation of water in the body, measuring the ratio of the power of the hydrogen in the blood, which specifies the availability of oxygen in the blood; they also regulate blood pressure and help to rebuild damaged cells after accidents and surgeries.

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The role of physical therapy in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries

The spinal cord injury to the spine of the most injuries that result from road accidents, and returns the danger they may infect a man paralyzed the mid-or quartet, and up to death. The vertebrae of the spine and which moves inside the spinal cord and is responsible for the transmission of nerve signals from the brain to the body and vice versa, and any injury to the spinal cord means a breakdown in communication between the body and the brain.

He explained that the injury may be the result of injury to the patient was shot, or exposure to road accidents which lead to damage paragraphs upper spine, or the occurrence of swelling and bleeding the spinal cord, and that as a result of infection bacterial lead to infections of the spinal cord, he said, adding that a lack of blood flow to spine may lead to significant damage where the spinal cord cannot continue to work more than a few minutes at a lack of blood flow to it.Combination skin tips Often results in paralysis of both the mid-or kidney from those of infection, and sometimes the damage in the spinal cord in part, and here comes the role of physical therapy, which deals with all the injury to some extent, are training the injured quadriplegic (kidney) to teach him how to take advantage of the capabilities that are not still possessed, with work to prevent joint stiffness and muscle weakness. He stressed that in case of injury half-paralyzed, it is a thorough examination to see the damage that occurred on the muscles, and then put the training program for the patient so that he can rely on himself, and the ability to service the same as much as possible, adding that the patient's bone marrow needs to rehabilitation programs long term so should not despair at the failure in the first attempts.

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Advice for your golden years

The lycopene, a substance resistant to oxidation, in addition to its influence in the renewal of dead cells, and thus anti-aging and skin wrinkles.http://www.skincaremoz.com/category/skin/combination-skin-tips/

It is known that every time you eat the fruits or vegetables, less than injury stroke by 6%. Make sure to eat salmon and tuna Fish, especially salmon and tuna, contain Omega-3 is also found in olive oil and almonds. Be aware of vitamins and complementary elements In order to keep up your profiles on young and supple, and the sound of your heart and your memory strong, put on the agenda the day a key item, an intake of 400 to 1000 mcg of folic acid Folic Acid And 400 mcg of vitamin B12 and MG 10 from B6 Reduce the proportion of calories in your meals .How to skin care The proportion of calories in the body less whenever Age offers us, as well as the speed decreases metabolism. This means that as we age, we discover that we need to lower percentage of calories, Young people who attend the university needs 2,200 calories a day, while a person over the age of 40 needs only to 1600. Eat a vitamin in the form of medicine Statistics have proven that man today cannot get the ratio needed by the body of minerals and vitamins through only what to eat, so to take account of his health .

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Important tips to avoid the pain of arthritis in the winter

Come winter, along with many problems, including joint pain and inflammation of the tissue, says a physiotherapist, and a member of the Egyptian Society for the Study of Obesity, said there a direct relationship between the document and the cooler winter and increased joint pain. http://www.skincaremoz.com/category/moles-and-warts/

"The Tunaby" that in the winter, less air pressure in the outside, which means an increase in the stretched tissue, such as tissue ligaments around the joints, and thus happen to her strain, as well as muscle, which means the pain is a traditional day of the year various other for winter. Skin Care Program The "Tunaby" to that in the winter reduces the reinforcements circulation around the joint, due to the cold air, and thus reduces the disposal of materials resulting from muscle contraction and the work of various tissues, and thus accumulate these materials is the best known of lactic acid, which causes pain around the joints and muscles .Emphasizes "Tunaby" that the most important tips in winter is the movement and heating, pointing out that the movement inside and outside the home with wearing clothes heavy, as well as warm the body is always to maintain its vessels, Loki renewed circulation around the joints and muscles, and thus easier to get rid of materials painful resulting from the work of the muscles and ligaments of the body. In addition to the need to exercise, whether at home or light sport outside the usual home 0.3 times a week

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What are the risks of prolonged sitting in front of the computer

Sitting for long periods in front of a computer screen that would cause many problems, controls all the organs of the body, and reached a number of doctors to the seriousness of sitting incorrectly in front of the computer, where the cause of many health problems on the functions of the body, which leads later to infection with many diseases, according to medical research published by the Washington Post.http://www.skincaremoz.com/fingernail-psoriasis/ And confirm the medical reports continued every time that sitting for long periods happens a series of health problems, affecting humans from the top of the head to the soles of the feet, which may appear later, Beginning of the brain that slows the movement as soon as sitting for long periods, as the Movement stimulates blood pumping it and activate hormones stimulating to improve mood.Causes of Cellulite  Then the cervical vertebrae in the neck, they suffer from imbalances permanent, especially causing pain in muscles bond between the neck and shoulders, all the way to the spine, the basic foundation for the human body, it is fair also damaged when the lack of movement that lead to hardening of collagen in support of the movement of tendons and ligaments, and it also damage the last paragraph of the spine ..

It did not stop at that but leading to accumulation of fatty acids and high blood pressure and cholesterol causing several diseases of the heart, and doctors discovered also that the etiology of diabetes sitting for long periods as a result of the lack of response of muscle to insulin secreted by the pancreas. To avoid these diseases doctors advised to sit upright in a way that depends on not tilt forward, and put the elbow at an angle of ninety degrees, and put your arms near the sides, and support the last area in the back and finally put the foot flat on the ground.

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February 07, 2014

Immediate solutions to the problems of the skin in summer

Skin problems in summer and many cumbersome, Exposure to continuous heat of the sun, sweating and other things resulting from weather factors damage the skin and spoil the most traditional attempts to take care of them. But solutions still exist, and you just try. There are some skin care products that are specially made to solve these problems, and some dietary supplements help you overcome your problems easily. http://www.skincaremoz.com/home-remedies-for-dark-circles/
Dry skin recurring nightmare summer Moisturize the skin in the summer means to maintain freshness and increase their ability to resist the weather factors and withstand extreme heat, so it is a necessary step and indispensable. On the contrary, neglect moisturize the skin inevitably leads to dry and turned into a pale color and pale with crack it as a result of increasing temperature. You can use some specific products, especially in the summer, to keep moisturize the skin as long as possible. Olay Complete All Day Use Olay product protection throughout the day with a sun protection factor 15-day period in particular, because it contains glycerin. It works to draw water to the skin, especially the face, and then working gelatinous substance by trapping water and thus keep the skin moist. It also works protection from the sun at the same time. This product is used on a daily basis. If not, this solution is available, you can work your home through the selection of a moisturizing cream plain and add glycerol him or butter or oatmeal and used Lye cream once a week, and although it will not give you the same results, but as a solution to prevent damage to the skin relatively. And make sure to clean your skin well before moisturizing glycerin every day, so do not store the bacteria and cause you pimples or rashes and irritation. To such solutions and feel that it is not enough, and the reason for this is due to the degree of dryness of your skin.Combination skin tips If your skin is very dry in nature, or you have been neglected for too long, you'll need to resort to other solutions in addition to moisturizing the outside. You intense interest to take water and fluids; you can also eat food supplements that give hydration to your skin, as a supplement flaxseed oil, which works to store moisture skin cells effectively. Eat a 1000 ms grams per day, but check with your doctor first. Redness of the skin and ways to overcome it Redness of the skin usually happens to the owners of sensitive skin that cannot tolerate the heat without being harmed clearly. The use of products that contain strong chemicals may lead to the same result. In order for them use creams or palliative blogger them they dealt with redness and you will find the words as Anti-redness or Soothing Cream or Calming Cream. It is a product that many Ultra-Calming Daily Moisturizer SPF 15; it works to soothe the skin and immediately put it. If the redness as a result of injury, a kind of skin infections known, use a product Eau Calm mask which works to calm him down, it is better ask your doctor first. This cream works to moisturize the skin and comfort her with increased resistance to blushing at the same time. It is quick solutions to calm the redness of the skin, you can put a towel cotton in a bowl by the milk and ice cubes and then Click gently with a towel on the places burning in your skin, level of the PH in the milk in addition to protein do with the temperature of the cold are all factors that help to reduce inflammation and irritation. If you have oil capsules Primrose Oil Capsule unfasten one and massage places the content of the damaged capsule.

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Flavor flowers for recipes household always make the skin radiant

Women adored flowers, flowers in addition to smell fragrant and wonderful landscape where her aesthetic benefits that are used in skin care to look more purity and clarity and luster. Here's a collection of recipes to take care of your skin from making the flowers: Hibiscus flower is rich in hydroxyl acid, this acid, which helps fight the signs of aging and also helps to alleviate dark circles and dark spots.http://www.skincaremoz.com/
 How to use: Take some of hibiscus flowers well and add to it an equal amount of honey, milk and turmeric, mix and rub your skin and leave to dry, and then Wash your face with cold water. Sunflowers: It is known for sunflowers they are rich in oils for the skin cleaned, they are ideal for the treatment of inflammation and skin irritation, as fighting blackheads. How to use: Skin Care Crush leaves and sunflowers to become cohesive dough and then put them on your skin as a mask, this mask will prevent the onset of pimples. Roses to rid you of dark spots: The combination of roses helps to have a soft skin while rosewater it is known that he refreshes the skin and restores freshness. I noticed the appearance of some dark spots and to wash your face with rose water before going to sleep and in the morning and you'll notice your own amazing result.

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Home recipes for skin whitening

There are a lot of products available in the market, which helps to lighten the skin. Colored skin is considered an important advantage in a lot of cases. Although this is not true, but people are always ready to try anything to whiten skin. It is surprising that women with light skin also exert great efforts to lighten their skin more.http://www.skincaremoz.com/category/cellulite/exercise-techniques/
 Much can be done to get a lighter skin than natural skin color. It is better to use natural products, skin care creams and lotions. Most people choose natural skin whiteners, it has no adverse side effects on the skin, and the results last longer, too. Orange mask for the face: Orange is a valuable component, which will help to lighten the skin. For making this mask, Gather some orange peels, and under the sun.. Add some milk powder to orange peels, to make a thin paste. Apply this paste on your face and let it dry and. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Bleach facial sandalwood: In addition to lighten the color of the skin, sandalwood powder helps to unify the color of the skin. All you have to do is take a small amount of sandalwood powder, and add a few drops of tomato juice, lemon juice, cucumber juice. Mix it all very well to make a thin paste. Combination skin tips Apply this paste on your face evenly, and let it dry completely. Wash your face with warm water. Skin whitener gram flour adds a little turmeric powder, and a few drops of lemon juice, and milk cream to two tablespoons of gram flour. Mix these ingredients to make a thin paste, and put them on your skin evenly. LEAVE 15-10 minutes. Peel the skin of this dough which is dry, and then wash your face with warm water. Mask milk powder for the face: Most people use milk powder for making coffee and tea, but they do not know that it can also be used as a mask for the face. It has many benefits for the skin. Mix large hanging from each of honey and lemon juice and milk powder to make a thin paste. You can also add half a tablespoon of almond oil. Spread the mixture on your face, and rinse after 10 minutes. This mixture whitens the skin and gives it glow.

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Tips For Beautiful Skin

Detect skin care experts at the center of Mayo Clinic Global to take good care of skin - including protection from the sun's rays - can keep your skin healthy and glowing for many years, and that by following a number of simple tips. If you do not have enough time to take care of the center Skin You that your skin more easily and simply, by choosing a healthy lifestyle prevents skin problems.http://www.skincaremoz.com/
 As well as you can delay the aging process of the skin with five simple tips: Protect yourself from the sun this step is the most important steps to take care of your skin and maintain its beauty; because sun exposure can cause wrinkles, spots, and many other skin problems, as well as an increased risk of skin cancer. To full protections for your skin from the sun should use sunscreen with a protection factor of at least 15. Try to avoid taking the sun between the hours of ten in the morning and four in the afternoon; they might be the burning of the skin in those times. Stop smoking immediately if you smoke smoking directly; Smoking makes your skin looks older and contributes to the increase wrinkles.Skin Care Program  It also narrows the small blood vessels in the outer layers of the skin, which reduces the blood flow, which depletes the skin of oxygen and nutrients that are important to the health and beauty of the skin. As n Smoking harms fibers of collagen and elastin, which gives skin its strength and elasticity? In addition, smoking can contribute to the creation of many of the negative stereotypes lips resulting from inhalation, and staring eyes of the dimensions of the smoke, exposing the face of the smoke rising from a cigarette all of that contributes to the increase of wrinkles and wilt rapid skin. The best way to protect your skin is to stop smoking. Check with your doctor for tips and treatments to help you stop smoking.

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What is "Botox" and the role of cosmetic

Botox" is a protein naturally without any intervention of a chemical derived from a species of bacteria. Botox and needs to techniques is very high in the manufacturing and use of sophisticated technology to get it in the form of highly purified and sterilization, to ensure that the effect of the patient on the fast without any side effects. This is the secret to the effectiveness of Botox. And calls for an expert cosmetic need to make sure that the advertised Botox clinics is in the original. Hence, asking for men and women next to treatment BOTOX do the following:Make sure that the doctor is a specialist Dermatologists or a plastic surgeon, not a specialist skin or beauty.Combination skin tips

Make sure that Botox user is American-made.Lack of attraction behind the advertisements that offer cheap price for Botox The use of materials is licensed by the Ministry of Health and health risk. Point out that Botox gives the look young without side effects remember, what gives self-confidence and appearing beautiful face free of wrinkles.The way it works Botox works to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles and thus belong to the skin smoothness and wrinkles disappear so that it was because of those muscle contractility.Botox is injected as a liquid in small quantities under the skin in the areas of wrinkles using a very fine needle, especially as the hair of the head and in a special way by a specialist doctor in a period not exceeding 15 minutes.In most cases, using a cream topically prior to injection; Therefore feeling of pain is hardly weak. Shows the effect of Botox on the third day and remains in force for a period not exceeding three months.There are so-called expressive wrinkled which have nothing to do with age as they appear in the twenties or thirties and frequently associated with constriction of the muscles of the face such as raising eyebrows when startled or think about what is or pout, rage and exclamation points as well as about the kind when you laugh. Therefore, any person when he looks in the mirror and fined the wrinkles when the movement would prefer to start using Botox in order not to turn these lines into permanent wrinkles in facial skin appears older result of these lines.Important Information.There is considerable confusion between the "Botox" and packing materials. The "Botox" is used only for the treatment of increased secretion of race has nothing to do increase the size of the lips or cheeks or buttocks. He has appeared in recent times some creams and lotions, which says it has the effect of "Botox", but did not prove that any topical cream can cause the effect of "Botox" and that because of the pharmaceutical and medical cannot be any topical cream that penetrates the skin layers and reaches to the muscles to cause Stretch the muscle, which in turn removes wrinkles as he does, "Botox", because the effect of any cream does not exceed layers of the skin only, and therefore it is impossible to lead any role Botox cream.

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Moist your face and protect your skin

Cosmetic experts advise you not to go out of your house without moisturizing face cream, cream and put another, to preserve the skin from the sun's harmful rays and protect from UVA and UVB rays responsible for 80% of premature wrinkles that appear on the skin.http://www.skincaremoz.com/home-remedies-for-dark-circles/
With each year, more than your age you lose 15 to 20 cell of the cells responsible for the freshness of the skin, which disrupts also the ability of the skin natural resistance to the sun, and the best types of creams to maintain the skin against the sun's harmful rays are creams that contain zinc and Titanium Dioxide and SP that no less than 15 SPF.Skin care reviews No importance of moisturizing your skin moisturizer contains antioxidants, especially since many factors, such as the sun and pollution, causing «theft» parts of the skin cells, from which he graduated in the form of ions free radicals, which cause the appearance of premature wrinkles, and also cause skin cancer. But recent studies have demonstrated that put moisturizer for the skin does not make you for sunglasses, just choose sunglasses contain factor 100% protection against the sun's rays UV or UV, which provides protection against wrinkles region thin around the eyes, and protects the cornea, and protects against blue waters and the white of the eye.

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