February 10, 2014

The role of physical therapy in the rehabilitation of spinal cord injuries

The spinal cord injury to the spine of the most injuries that result from road accidents, and returns the danger they may infect a man paralyzed the mid-or quartet, and up to death. The vertebrae of the spine and which moves inside the spinal cord and is responsible for the transmission of nerve signals from the brain to the body and vice versa, and any injury to the spinal cord means a breakdown in communication between the body and the brain.

He explained that the injury may be the result of injury to the patient was shot, or exposure to road accidents which lead to damage paragraphs upper spine, or the occurrence of swelling and bleeding the spinal cord, and that as a result of infection bacterial lead to infections of the spinal cord, he said, adding that a lack of blood flow to spine may lead to significant damage where the spinal cord cannot continue to work more than a few minutes at a lack of blood flow to it.Combination skin tips Often results in paralysis of both the mid-or kidney from those of infection, and sometimes the damage in the spinal cord in part, and here comes the role of physical therapy, which deals with all the injury to some extent, are training the injured quadriplegic (kidney) to teach him how to take advantage of the capabilities that are not still possessed, with work to prevent joint stiffness and muscle weakness. He stressed that in case of injury half-paralyzed, it is a thorough examination to see the damage that occurred on the muscles, and then put the training program for the patient so that he can rely on himself, and the ability to service the same as much as possible, adding that the patient's bone marrow needs to rehabilitation programs long term so should not despair at the failure in the first attempts.

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