February 10, 2014

Element phosphorus is necessary to extract the energy from carbohydrate

I always suffered from follow diets of stress, fatigue and pain, without achieve the desired goal, due to the fact that the human body's need for a permanent to nutrients not only to strengthen the body, but because the human body sometimes does not benefit from some of the elements, but in the presence of elements other.http://www.skincaremoz.com/

A consultant pediatric intensive care and neonatal diseases of growth and Director of the Centers Nelson specialized medical, some nutrients are not released, but in the presence of other elements, the human body just cannot release energy from fat, protein, carbohydrates, and the exploitation of that energy in the development of muscle and strength building bones and teeth, but in the presence of phosphorus. Skin Care Program He added that this element is essential for cell membranes and activation of enzymes and genetic material within the body, and the body's need for this element about 1 g per day, and phosphorus exists in abundance in fish and shrimp. Further pointed out that the body needs iron strongly, where he holder of oxygen and essential in the composition of hemoglobin and blood-forming component and muscles, as well as an essential element in the formation of red blood cells, the body needs about 18 mg per day.He added that an important element of iron, which helps the body to absorb zinc, which enters the latter in the formation of blood, plus it contributes to the overall growth, and renew all tissues of the body and enzymes, and helps speed healing of wounds.

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