February 10, 2014

Important tips to avoid the pain of arthritis in the winter

Come winter, along with many problems, including joint pain and inflammation of the tissue, says a physiotherapist, and a member of the Egyptian Society for the Study of Obesity, said there a direct relationship between the document and the cooler winter and increased joint pain. http://www.skincaremoz.com/category/moles-and-warts/

"The Tunaby" that in the winter, less air pressure in the outside, which means an increase in the stretched tissue, such as tissue ligaments around the joints, and thus happen to her strain, as well as muscle, which means the pain is a traditional day of the year various other for winter. Skin Care Program The "Tunaby" to that in the winter reduces the reinforcements circulation around the joint, due to the cold air, and thus reduces the disposal of materials resulting from muscle contraction and the work of various tissues, and thus accumulate these materials is the best known of lactic acid, which causes pain around the joints and muscles .Emphasizes "Tunaby" that the most important tips in winter is the movement and heating, pointing out that the movement inside and outside the home with wearing clothes heavy, as well as warm the body is always to maintain its vessels, Loki renewed circulation around the joints and muscles, and thus easier to get rid of materials painful resulting from the work of the muscles and ligaments of the body. In addition to the need to exercise, whether at home or light sport outside the usual home 0.3 times a week

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