February 07, 2014

What is "Botox" and the role of cosmetic

Botox" is a protein naturally without any intervention of a chemical derived from a species of bacteria. Botox and needs to techniques is very high in the manufacturing and use of sophisticated technology to get it in the form of highly purified and sterilization, to ensure that the effect of the patient on the fast without any side effects. This is the secret to the effectiveness of Botox. And calls for an expert cosmetic need to make sure that the advertised Botox clinics is in the original. Hence, asking for men and women next to treatment BOTOX do the following:Make sure that the doctor is a specialist Dermatologists or a plastic surgeon, not a specialist skin or beauty.Combination skin tips

Make sure that Botox user is American-made.Lack of attraction behind the advertisements that offer cheap price for Botox The use of materials is licensed by the Ministry of Health and health risk. Point out that Botox gives the look young without side effects remember, what gives self-confidence and appearing beautiful face free of wrinkles.The way it works Botox works to relax the muscles that cause wrinkles and thus belong to the skin smoothness and wrinkles disappear so that it was because of those muscle contractility.Botox is injected as a liquid in small quantities under the skin in the areas of wrinkles using a very fine needle, especially as the hair of the head and in a special way by a specialist doctor in a period not exceeding 15 minutes.In most cases, using a cream topically prior to injection; Therefore feeling of pain is hardly weak. Shows the effect of Botox on the third day and remains in force for a period not exceeding three months.There are so-called expressive wrinkled which have nothing to do with age as they appear in the twenties or thirties and frequently associated with constriction of the muscles of the face such as raising eyebrows when startled or think about what is or pout, rage and exclamation points as well as about the kind when you laugh. Therefore, any person when he looks in the mirror and fined the wrinkles when the movement would prefer to start using Botox in order not to turn these lines into permanent wrinkles in facial skin appears older result of these lines.Important Information.There is considerable confusion between the "Botox" and packing materials. The "Botox" is used only for the treatment of increased secretion of race has nothing to do increase the size of the lips or cheeks or buttocks. He has appeared in recent times some creams and lotions, which says it has the effect of "Botox", but did not prove that any topical cream can cause the effect of "Botox" and that because of the pharmaceutical and medical cannot be any topical cream that penetrates the skin layers and reaches to the muscles to cause Stretch the muscle, which in turn removes wrinkles as he does, "Botox", because the effect of any cream does not exceed layers of the skin only, and therefore it is impossible to lead any role Botox cream.

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